Violence Prevention Committee

Consistent with Virginia code 23-9.2:10, the Board of Visitors charged the Critical Incident Management Team (CIMT) with oversight of the education and prevention of violence on grounds.  The CIMT appointed a multidisciplinary Violence Prevention Committee to provide education and training to students, faculty and staff regarding the prevention of violence. The Violence Prevention Committee has developed a training program called "Hoos Making a Safer Community" to assist the University community in knowing how to identify potentially violent situations and respond with appropriate interventions to prevent conflict.

The committee includes the following representatives from across the University:

  • Allen Groves, Dean of Students
  • Dewey Cornell, Professor of Education, Curry School
  • Brenda Wilson, Director, Faculty and Employee Assistance Program
  • Mike Gibson, University Chief of Police
  • Marge Sidebottom, Director, Office of Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  • Matthew Zimmerman, Associate Director, Elson Student Health Center