Report a Concern

In situations where violence occurs or appears imminent, individuals should immediately call 911.  

Faculty, staff, students, Medical Center employees, patients, and visitors should report any non-emergent incidents of violent or threatening behavior per university policy HRM-028 as recommended below:  

Report Student Behavior:

Report Faculty or Employee Behavior: 

Report Medical Center Patient or Visitor Behavior:

  • If patient/visitor displaying violent, aggressive or assaultive behavior (immediate response required): Call 911 or (92) 4-2012 
  • If threat of potential violence (event possible in next few hours): Call University Security 531-9350 / Pager: 9308
  • If concern for future violence (event possible in coming days or weeks): Call Risk Management (92) 4-5595 / Pager 1395

Report a Non-Affiliated Person’s Behavior:  

  • Consider the person’s relationship to the target of his/her behavior (Student, Faculty/Employee, or Patient) and provide information as directed above. 

Each report will be promptly reviewed and/or triaged for follow up. Every effort will be made to protect the safety of anyone who reports violent or threatening behavior

Retaliation against any faculty, staff, student, Medical Center employee, patient, or visitor who in good faith, reports violent or threatening behavior per this policy is prohibited. Retaliatory actions will be referred to the appropriate authorities within the University and Medical Center.