Safety Planning & Support

The TAT works closely with the Office of Emergency Management and the University Police Department to determine whether a situation poses an imminent or ongoing threat to the University community.  In the event a situation does pose an imminent or ongoing threat to our community, the Department of Safety & Security will issue a UVA Alert advising the community of the ongoing danger.   

The University and Medical Center will make efforts to protect and support those subjected to violent or threatening behavior by discussing safety planning and identifying appropriate resources. 

University, Medical Center, and community resources include but are not limited to: law enforcement; health care facilities; counseling services; victim advocacy groups; legal aid; domestic violence shelters; CAPS; Student AffairsEOCRFEAP; and University Women’s Center

Individuals directly affected by or at risk of ongoing violence may also need accommodations or adjustments to enhance their safety. Accommodations may include but are not limited to; access to counseling services; adjustments to class or work schedules or locations; parking modifications; time off to attend legal proceedings; and/or temporary or permanent student housing changes. The University shall accommodate requests as appropriate per the recommendation and guidance of the TAT